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Hootsuite Facebook Error Validating Access Token

can use our debug tool, or you can use the API endpoint. To use the API, you can issue a Graph API request: GET /debug_token? input_token={input-token}& access_token={access-token}input_token: the access token you want to get information about access_token: your app access token or a valid user access token from a developer of the app The response of the API call is a JSON array containing a map of fields. For example: { "data": { "app_id": 000000000000000, "application": "Social Cafe", "expires_at": 1352419328, "is_valid": true, "issued_at": 1347235328, "scopes": [ "email", "publish_actions" ], "user_id": 1207059 } }Note that the issued_at field is not returned for short-lived access tokens.Handling Errors Facebook doesn't notify you that a previously issued access token has become invalid. Unless you have persisted the expiry time passed to your App along with the access token, your app may only learn that a given token has become invalid is when you attempt to make a request to the API. Also, in response to certain events that are security-related, access tokens may be invalidated before the expected expiration time. In most apps, the best way to handle expired tokens is to capture the error messages thrown by the API. In each case, the API will return an HTTP 400 status code, a code and a subcode in a JSON body explaining the nature of the error. (These examples don't include a subcode, but subcodes are described in the error reference.) Expired or invalid access tokens Access Token has expired { "error": { "message": "Error validating access token: Session has expired at unix time SOME_TIME. The current unix time is SOME_TIME.", "type": "OAuthException", "code": 190 } }Access Token invalidated due to the person logging out or changing their password { "error": { "message": "Error validating access token: The sessio

latest post in the "Hootsuite Tips & Tricks" category has all the details! - Your Friendly Community Forum owls Top level access token error for Facebook page jrinaudo November 2015 in Hootsuite Dashboard When I try to add streams for my Facebook page, I receive the message "Top level access token or app id not specified for batch request." I searched the forums and it seems like this was a known bug back in February of 2014 that should have been corrected. Help! Tagged: access token error 0 Comments Gab_M Admin November 2015 Hi @jrinaudoThanks for reaching out to us here in the forum!Looking at past Help Desk tickets https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/access-tokens/debugging-and-error-handling from February of 2014, I can confirm that this issue was corrected at the time. So that we can look into what's causing this issue for you now, I've gone ahead and created a Help Desk ticket for you. One of our Customer Advocates will be reaching out to you shortly via email to go through some troubleshooting steps. Not to worry, we'll get to the bottom of this! Have a great day https://forum.hootsuite.com/discussion/6614376/top-level-access-token-error-for-facebook-page !Gab Gab | @Hootsuite_Help | Hootsuite Help Center0 bmcguigan March 30 I have the same problem today, I logged out and logged back in but I'm getting this error for facebook:op level access token or app id not specified for batch request.thanks,Breda 0 Vlad_V Admin March 31 Hi @bmcguigan,I'm sorry to hear of this issue.In order to troubleshoot this issue, please try the following:1. Clear your browser's cache and cookies.2. Clear your Dashboard's cache by following these steps:https://help.hootsuite.com/entries/22233476-Clearing-Your-HootSuite-Dashboard-Cache3. Try reconnecting in an incognito window.4. Try an alternate browser. Please indicate the browsers you've tried in your reply.If the error persists could you please tryto reconnect the Facebook page following the steps included in this help articlehttp://ow.ly/JI7Iy?Regards, Vlad |@Hootsuite_Help|Hootsuite Help Center0 Sign In or Register to comment. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register Categories Recent Discussions Activity Best Of... Unanswered Groups Categories 12.1K All Categories10 Welcome to the Hootsuite Community Forum 16 Hootsuite Updates 2.5K Hootsuite Dashboard 1.3K General 20 Hootsuite Tips & Tricks 167 Hootsuite Mobile 100 Hootsuite App Directory 349 Multilingual Forums (多国語 / Forum Multilingüe) 339 Hootsuite en Español 8 Hootsuite 日本語フォーラム 1 Hootsuite Ambassador Program 1 NA Ambassadors 11 Off Topic 52 Hootsuite University 8.9K Archived C

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an app using Facebook Login, the app will be able to obtain an access token which provides temporary, secure access to... Access Token Theft | Facebook Help Center | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/help/524275404355719/ Help Center · Log In · Home. Using Facebook. Creating an ... Access Token Theft. How do I avoid scams on Facebook? Scams on Facebook happen when... How to get a Facebook Access Token which never expires https://smashballoon.com/custom-facebook-feed/access-token/ May 2014 - Step-by-step guide on how to get your Facebook app Access Token. Use a Facebook Access Token to access Facebook's data and use the graph... What is access token theft? https://m.facebook.com/help/1380078335599589?helpref=related Help Center ... Access Token Theft: A link is shared with you that requests access to your Facebook account. The link may look like it came from a legitimate app,... Facebook 60 Day User Access Token Generator | SlickRemix https://www.slickremix.com/facebook-60-day-user-access-token-generator/ Below are the steps to get a 60 Day User Access Token for facebook, ... This tool will be useful for many developers but it was mainly created to help users of our... Access Token Theft | Facebook Help Centre | Facebook en-gb.facebook.com/help/524275404355719/?helpref... Facebook · Help Centre · Log In · Desktop Help; Security; Spam and Other Security Threats. English (UK) ... What is access token theft? An access token gives a... Create Facebook App ID Token or 60 Day Access Token | SlickRemix https://www.slickremix.com/.../create-facebook-app-id-or-user-token/ In this quick tutorial we are going to show you how to create an App in facebook and get the App Token or Long Lived User Access Token. An App Token is not... How to get Access Token - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcxZQmIYTEw Jul 12, 2013 ... facebook developers : https://developers.facebook.com. ... chrome extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/facebook-access-token/ akffcidbpjkelabblddmebpfbldgfdpi ... it doesnt work could you please help me?. Newest 'facebook-access-token' Questions - Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/facebook-access-token The OAuth acces

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