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I try to restart the PostgreSQL database, it wouldn't come up. 1.3. I noticed that PostgreSQL is eating a lot of CPU resources. 1.4. My SiteStudio doesn't work correctly. 1.5. I have created a reseller account, logged in, but can't enter admin cp. 1.6. My license count is off. It shows 11 and I am only using one. 1.7. What do I do if the /var/log/auth.log file each minute accumulates new errors such as: Feb 27 08:32:17 localhost sshd[30614]: Illegal user admin from [CP's IP] Feb 27 08:32:17 localhost sshd[30614]: Failed none for illegal user admin from [CP's IP] port 48170 1.8. javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: authorization failed. http://kb.odin.com/en/3155 This keeps showing up in the hsphere.log file all the time. 1.9. My CP works slow in Internet Explorer, while it's OK in Mozilla/Netscape. 1.10. A reseller tries to log into its CP under Internet Exprorer, but gets a blank page. 1.11. Reseller has accidentaly deleted his Admin account 1.12. I added a server and get Cannot get server info. 2. Web and FTP 2.1. I am having problems with the web http://hsphere.parallels.com/HSdocumentation/FAQ/troubleshooter.html server. 2.2. My web server crashed and does not restart with apache-reconfig. 2.3. Our Linux Machines have stopped allowing FTP access. 2.4. User dedicated FTP doesn't work (login failed) 2.5. My customers are having problems with FrontPage. 2.6. After the upgrage to FrontPage 2002, my customers have their web pages displayed incorrectly, appearing to duplicate data throughout the page. 2.7. When publishing sites with FrontPage, my customer is getting the error "cannot open we80.cnf no such file or folder" 2.8. I have a disk quota failure. 2.9. Our Cold Fusion server will not relay email for one of our clients that had us point the MX record to their Exchange server. 2.10. My customer can't run .php and .html files inside /cgi-bin. 2.11. I have a customer who is having problems with her perl scripts. 2.12. I get "java.lang.Exception: User is not an owner of [directory/file] 2.13. FTP starts with the error: no such user 'username' or unknown user 'username' 2.14. I start rsync, but the process isn't created. 3. WebShell 3.1. When I'm trying to load WebShell, my browser gives an error. 3.2. WebShell times out when users launch it. 4. osCommerce 4.1. I'm having problems with osCommerce. 4.2. I got this error: psoft.hsphere.resource.mysql.UserPrivileges.revokeAllDatabasePrivileges(UserPrivileges.java:140) 5. Webalizer 5.1. Webalizer stopped updating. 5.2. Webalizer doesn't

Parallels H-Sphere versions up to 3.1. For the latest up-to-date Parallels H-Sphere documentation, please proceed to the official http://www.psoft.net/HSdocumentation/sysadmin/hsphere-apache_31.html Parallels site. In H-Sphere 3.1 Beta 1 the Web service functionality was greatly extended and improved to allow for more flexibility both in administering Unix web boxes and in end user Web settings. This document describes the main changes in the Web service software and includes information on Apache configuration important for H-Sphere system hsphere error administrators. Web Service Packages in H-Sphere 3.1 Beta 1 and up Support of Apache 2.2.x and 1.3.x Tuning from the CP Interface Additional Apache Modules PHP Configuration VirtualHost Options for fastcgi Apache Modules Apache Configuration Changes in Web Statistics Software Apache Logs and Web Traffic Calculation Log Rotate Config File Apache suexec Web hsphere error log Service Packages in H-Sphere 3.1+ Apache 2.2 underwent significant changes since 1.3 version. Accordingly, there are PHP modules compatible with each particular Apache version that is indicated in the name of PHP package (1x or 2x). The cgi/cli part of PHP is assembled and works based on Apache 1.3. Only the pear part of PHP is common for the two Apache versions. Here is the list of web service software packages for H-Sphere 3.1 Beta 1 and up (note that versions are just examples that may differ from current ones): Package Description Comment hsphere-apache2-h3.1-2.2.6-x Apache 2.2.x binaries, modules, libraries and headers Package updates hsphere-apache-h3.1-1.3.39-x Apache 1.3.x binaries, modules, libraries and headers Package updates hsphere-apache-shared-h3.1-1-x Configuration template files, scripts, startup files, etc. common for Apache 1.3.x and 2.2.x Package updates hsphere-apache-utils-h3.1-1-x Utilities used when parsing apache logs, lynx browser, etc. Package updates hsphere-php4-1x-4.4.7-x libphp4 for Apache 1.3.x Package updates hsphere-php4-2x-4.4.7-x libphp4 for Apache 2.2.x hsphere-php4-cgi-4.4.7-x CLI and CGI php4 binaries hsphere-php4-p

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