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Hta Script Error

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Hta Alternative

1 I have an HTA that loads up an external webpage inside a nested IFRAME. This webpage (which I don't have control over) throws an "Access Denied" error in my HTA asking the user if they "want to continue running scripts on this page". What I want to do is have my HTA suppress all scripting error messages regardless of where they originate Here's a very basic idea of how hta windows 10 my setup is working: ...

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Internet Explorer Script Error Hta p In Register Categories Recent Discussions In this p Hta Application Ie p Discussion ntozier July rshep July osTicket v stable osTicket v -RC p Hta Ie p Release Candidate now available Go get it now Runing in Internet Explorer HTML Application mode hta rshep July p Hta Alternative p in Troubleshooting and Problems I am trying to run osTicket in Internet Explorer on Windows using HTML application mode and keep getting the popup script errors as in the attached screen shot osTicket MS IE HTA Error JPGI run osticket in HTA mode using hta