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Intuit Data Protect Error Settings Are Missing Or Corrupted

in to Go to QuickBooks.com QuickBooks Learn & Support Home QuickBooks Help Last modified QuickBooks, United States 21 people found this useful Intuit Data Protect: Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions Overview   What is Intuit Data Protect? Intuit Data intuit data protect startup Protect is a subscription service that helps you protect your data from loss or damage due intuit quickbooks online backup to virus, laptop theft, file corruption, fire, and so on. Your files are automatically backed up online over the Internet once a day, intuit data protect reviews every day, at an automatically selected time to an offsite location. You can choose to back up just your QuickBooks file (Company Data plan), or you can back up multiple QuickBooks files and any other data on your

Intuit Data Protect Has Stopped Working

computer (Entire PC plan). With Intuit Data Protect you're covered.   What is the pricing for Intuit Data Protect? We offer four options: Backup your QuickBooks file only - $4.95/month or  $49.95/year. Backup your Entire PC - $9.95/month or $99.95/year. Note: Monthly subscriptions include a 30-day free trial.  Annual subscriptions included a 60-day money back guarantee.    How do I change my subscription settings? To make changes to your account, please call 800.450.8475 (M-F 6am - 8pm PT) and intuit data protect restore a Support agent will help you   Does Intuit Data Protect work in versions prior to QuickBooks 2011? Intuit Data Protect works in QuickBooks versions 2011 and newer. You can back up older company files, however, Intuit Data Protect is not integrated within older versions of QuickBooks.    How is QuickBooks Online backup different from Intuit Data Protect? Intuit Data Protect is a new backup service that fully integrates with QuickBooks versions 2011 and newer . It provides status alerts on the QuickBooks home page so that you always know if your data is protected. With a choice of service plan options, you can focus on the data you need to protect without worrying about storage limits. You get enhanced backup capabilities that let you back up files while you're using them. And, it's easy to restore data if you need to. Data Protect only works with QuickBooks 2011 and newer, while QuickBooks Online Backup works work with all versions of QuickBooks. You can run both services concurrently, although there's no reason to have QuickBooks Online Backup if you're using Data Protect.     Install/Setup   Can I install Intuit Data Protect on more than one computer using the same account? Intuit Data Protect is not intended for use as a file-sharing service. We do not recommend running Intuit Data Protect on multiple computers using the same Intuit acc

in to Go to QuickBooks.com QuickBooks Learn & Support Home QuickBooks Help Last modified Intuit Data Protect Backup Failed: One of the configuration files is damaged or corrupted Steps to take if you are setup update intuit data protect for email notifications and you've received an Intuit Data Protect Backup Failed email with the message "One

Activate Intuit Data Protect

of the configuration files is damaged or corrupted". Why this is happening An error with the message  "One of the configuration

Intuit Data Protect It Looks Like The Secure Credentials

files is damaged or corrupted" means the data transfer between your PC and our Servers is no longer working properly. How to fix it Intuit recommends more than one solution for this problem. The first https://community.intuit.com/articles/1019785-intuit-data-protect-frequently-asked-questions solution may solve your problem, or you may need to try all of them to resolve the issue. For best results, perform the solutions in the order shown. Solution 1: Delete the @DB files in the Work folder Note: @DB files are IDP configuration files. We recommend deleting the @DB files to reset the configuration. Deleting these will not cause any damage to your QuickBooks files and application. Locate the [email protected] https://community.intuit.com/articles/1288273-intuit-data-protect-backup-failed-one-of-the-configuration-files-is-damaged-or-corrupted files: Open Computer and navigate to the following location: (C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Intuit\Intuit Data Protect) Open the Work folder, locate all the @db files and delete them. Run another backup.If you still encounter the same error proceed to Solution 2.   Solution 2: Purge your data If you have already deleted the [email protected] files and you still encounter the error, your data has to be purged from the backend by the Intuit Data Protect engineers. Before doing so, we recommend that you Restore any data you have online if you no longer have access to the data locally. To restore your data: Open Intuit Data Protect and click Restore from Backup. Select the date and time of the backup you want to restore, then select the file(s) and click Continue. Select New Location and choose the location for the restored file and click Restore. Note: We recommend selecting New Location because selecting the Original location will overwrite the existing file.  After you restore your data, please call 800-450-8475 so we can have our engineers begin the purge process. Was this article helpful? Yes No Do you still have a question? Ask your question to the community. Most questions get a response in about a day. Post your question to the community Home Tags Terms of Use Privacy QuickBooks

stars12093%show rating distributionCompare Business ServicesResearch top Business Services recommendations on ConsumerAffairsCompare CompaniesAre you this business? Learn about ConsumerAffairs for Brands!Consumer Complaints and ReviewsDiane of Arundel, ME on Oct. 12, 2016Satisfaction RatingI am a Mac user and recently upgraded operating systems - from El Capitan to OS Sierra. I use https://www.consumeraffairs.com/computers/intuit_quickbooks.html Quickbooks for my small business and check book - Mac 2014 - only 2 years old. Oops... Shouldn't have done that! Seems that (without warning), OS Sierra is not supported by Mac 2014. Keep in mind that one http://repair-corrupt-files.blogspot.com/2012/11/how-to-resolve-quickbooks-has-stopped.html of the selling points for Quickbooks is guaranteed support for at least 3 years! Long story short - if I wanted to access any of my records, I had to purchase Mac 2016. Yes, they offered a 'special' intuit data and it 'only' cost me $149.99 but I feel that my personal information was held for ransom. I had NO choice. Not happy!! Now that I have my records back, I will be considering a change.Helpful?YesNoivan of Richmond, VA on Oct. 6, 2016Satisfaction RatingThe idiot CSR after being explicitly asked to remove 1 entry from my account wiped out days worth of entries and work hours. Her response "I'm sorry." Felix the supervisor said the Quickbooks intuit data protect computers could not undo her royal ** up... Canceled the subscription and got all my money back EXCEPT FOR DAYS OF LOST HOURS SETTING UP MY ACCOUNT AND A YEAR'S WORTH OF DATA. ** unreal! McDonald's employees are smarter than the people they DO NOT train here.Helpful?YesNoBrian of Lowell, MA on Oct. 5, 2016Satisfaction RatingI tried the budgeting upgrade of Quickbooks online with pro plus, it was sub-par so I went to downgrade and they will only let you export to Quickbooks desktop. I have hundreds of recurring transactions though that are auto-charge sales receipts that bill people for their website hosting and maintenance. These would not be exported, and therefore the only way I could downgrade is if I was prepared to manually recreate each of these hundreds of recurring transactions, which I can imagine I would have to call each customer for. So now Quickbooks will be taking an extra $27 a month from me for the rest of my life for features I have no interest in. They don't make it obvious when you upgrade that you will NEVER be able to downgrade, and they don't seem to think this is illegal. Taking $27 a month from someone against their will can't be legal.Helpful?YesNoTanya of Peterborough, ON on Oct. 3, 2016Satisfaction RatingThis past year we have had several major issues with Quickbooks, most

If Yes then you too are a victim of QuickBooks corruption like others. Sometime when you try to open your QuickBooks file, you receive below error message: This error message may occur due to one of the following reasons: If your QBWUSER.INI file got damaged. Corruption in your hard disk. If your Program file got damaged. Try below methods to solve your problem: Reboot your system: First reboot your system. Now open your QuickBooks file and check for error, if you are still getting error then try to disable your anti virus program temporarily. If disabling anti virus program also does not solve the issue then go to next method. Delete EntitlementDataStore.ecml file: QuickBooks also display above error message if the information entered at the time of installation of QuickBooks is incorrect or if the file containing that information is corrupted. In this case, it is important to delete the file to resolve the error. Follow below steps to delete EntitlementDataStore.ecml file: First close your QuickBooks file. Go to Windows Start button-> Run. In the Run dialog box copy and paste below information: For QuickBooks 2013: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 For QuickBooks 2012: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v6.0 For QuickBooks 2011: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v6.0 For QuickBooks 2010: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v6.0 4. Now right click the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file and delete. If deleting EntitlementDataStore.ecml file does not solve your issue then go to next step. Rename QBWUSE.INI file: Follow below steps to rename the QBWUSER>INI file: Go to Start-> My Com


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Intuit Data Protect Error p in to Go to QuickBooks com times Close Why do you want to report this Spam Profanity Threats Abuse Inappropriate Virus Danger Broken Links Other Back to intuit data protect script error search results Online Backup Credentials Expiration Error Message We have a three intuit data protect application needs you to re-login user version of QuickBooks Pro installed on a small network The network server where QB is gets p Intuit Data Protect It Looks Like The Secure Credentials To Your Online Backup Have Expired p backed up every night In addition we have automatic