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Wiki Forum Blog Files ... Cancel Error exporting iso "UNABLE TO OPEN ISOGEN -161 FILE" Hi! I started up an old project in Plant XM to make some changes. There are some strange things happening.. If I open the file via Document manager it´s enough to click on one pipe to get thrown out;"Fatal error", but this i can solve by open the AC application first, then the pipe model, then piping. Also, many of the pipes have lost their line number so i can´t really see what is what. Anyway, the problem is that i can´t export isos. I get the following messages: In the Export Progress window it says like this: Info: XCHG0504: Export File: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Bentley\Plant XM\xchg\pcf\ISO-100-1-NDA40BR011.PCFInfo: XCHG0504: 13 components exportedInfo: XCHG0504: 0 errorsError: XCHG0504: ISOGEN Errors:Error: XCHG0504: Personal ISOGEN failed while running ISOGEN module (Code -2)Error: XCHG0504: [Personal ISOGEN error -2]Error: XCHG0504: ISOGEN message file saved to xxxxx\Config\isogen\final\FINAL.MESInfo: XCHG0505: Completed export on Mon Dec 05 15:18:13 2011 Info: XCHG0504:Info: XCHG0504: Export Summary:Info: XCHG0504: 1 export filesInfo: XCHG0504: 13 components exportedInfo: XCHG0504: 0 errors And in the Final.mes file it says as follows: Personal ISOGEN : VERSION 6.3.0 (Full) *** IDFGEN VERSION 7.3.0 (Build 13) ***Reading File: ISOGEN.PCF Processing PIPELINE-REFERENCE: ISO-100-1-NDB40BR061ALL COMPONENTS CONNECTED.ISOGEN VERSION 9.3.0 (Build 42)********************************************************************************ERROR:Message Indentifier: ISOGEN:1115Message Text: UNABLE TO OPEN ISOGEN -161 FILExxxxx\Config\Isogen\FINAL\FINAL.ASC RUN TERMINATED Any clues anyone? Thanks/Patrik Anonymous Mon, Dec 5 2011 4:18 PM Cancel Communities Home Getting Started Community Central Products Support Secure File Upload Feedback Support and Services Home Product Support Downloads User Management Licensin

Wiki Forum Blog Files ... Cancel Answered ISOGEN Error XCHG0000: User Cancelled We are usingPlant Design V8i SS4 and ISOGEN. We are trying to pull out an Isometric but by pressing the button Generate ISO, we get the Error message before we can see anything being a problem : This message box pops out even before the Selection Box appears. Everything was fine the day http://communities.bentley.com/products/plant/design___engineering/f/5927/t/72554 before. The problem is specific to a particular machine, no matter what model or project we try to pull out the iso from. If we extract from another machine (same projects or models) everything is fine. We backed up to last week and changed bentley files with those of a http://communities.bentley.com/products/plant/design___engineering/f/5927/t/116925 working PC but still the same results. Any help or anything that we could check before reinstalling the PCis welcome, Thanks auto plant Guy Guerin Thu, Mar 10 2016 3:57 PM Cancel All Responses Answers Only Abhijit Bute Mon, Mar 14 2016 6:54 AM Hello Guy Guerin, This is problem is because of Windows security Update 'KB3139940'. So uninstall this update start AutoPLANT. Hope this helps. Looking forward to your reply. Regards, Abhijit Bute Answer Verified By: Joey Abhijit Bute Cancel

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0 0 02/05/13--02:18: Forum Post: Piping MTO with Line No. & Spec. at time. Contact us about this article hi, Can anybody help me to extract Piping MTO with Line No. & Spec. at time. Thanks in advance. Shrinivas

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