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Joomla Written by Nick Savov on July 02, 2015 | Joomla Twitter As a Joomla user, you've likely experienced the "Invalid Token" error when logging into your site.You've probably had questions about it from users or customers who wanted it resolved.In the https://www.ostraining.com/blog/joomla/invalid-token/ following tutorial, we'll cover what it is and how to resolve it. Unlike other solutions you https://www.freelancer.com/job-search/joomla-poll-invalid-token-error/1/ might find, this won't involve a core hack and it won't compromise your site's security.What is "Invalid Token"? And why does it happen?Joomla adds security tokens to forms. The security tokens keep sites safe from most Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks.When a page is accessed, if the token is not current, the error occurs.Unfortunately, often times false negatives occur for legitimate joomla poll users.Here are some example cases when false negatives might occur: A user accesses the administrative page, then logins in. Upon logging in, the "Invalid Token" message appears. A user has a tab open with the login page from the night before. The user tries logging in and gets the "Invalid Token" message. A user clicks on a promotional link within an email. The user then fills out the form on the site and gets the "Invalid Token" message. joomla poll invalid Steps to replicate the errorThe easiest way to replicate the error is to try the following steps: Open a login page In a new tab in the same browser, open the same login page and log in Go back to the first tab and try logging in. You'll get the "Invalid Token" message Fix #1: Redirect subdomainUnless you need subdomains, make sure that your site uses only "one" domain.By default, most web hosts make it so that you can access your site using a www or non-www address. Make sure you redirect one to the other. If you need a tutorial for this, we have a good one here.The above trick will prevent the most common administrator "Invalid Token" messages.Fix #2: Increase your session lifetimeThe session lifetime determines how long a user stays logged in when inactive. It's a security feature in case someone leaves their computer in a public area.For example, let's say an administrator leaves the default session lifetime of 15 minutes. If 15 minutes goes by and the user hasn't had any activity on the site, Joomla will log them out.Let's say a user is filling out a form and gets interrupted by a family member. Then the user comes back to the computer 20 minutes later. They'll get the "Invalid Token" message upon submission. The reason is that their token has expired at that point. The session was clo

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