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Jpgraph Error 25020

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JpGraph Error: HTTP headers have already been sent.
Caused by output from file %s at line %d.
HTTP headers have already been sent back to the browser indicating the data as text before the library got a chance to send it\'s image HTTP header to this browser. This makes it impossible for the library to send back image data to the browser (since that would be interpretated as text by the browser and show up as junk text).

Most likely you have some text in your script before the call to Graph::Stroke(). If this texts gets sent back to the browser the browser will assume that all data is plain text. Look for any text, even spaces and newlines, that might have been sent back to the browser.

For example it is a common mistake to leave a blank line before the opening "".

',2), /* ** Setup errors */ 11 => array('No path specified for CACHE_DIR. Please specify CACHE_DIR manually in jpg-config.inc',0), 12 => array('No path specified for TTF_DIR and path can not be determined automatically. Please

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