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Wed, Nov 18, 2015 2:36 PM About Kerio Connect logs Logs are files where Kerio Connect records information about certain events, for example, error and warning reports and debugging information. Each item represents one row starting with a timestamp kerio connect syslog server (date and time of the event). Messages in logs are displayed in English for

Kerio Control Log

every language version of Kerio Connect. See the section Types of logs for detailed information about each log.Configuring logsLogs are kerio control logs available in the Kerio Connect administration interface in the section Logs.When you right-click in a log area, you can configure the following settings (available in all logs):Save logYou can save whole logs or a selected kerio syslog part in a txt or HTML format.HighlightingYou can highlight any part of text in logs for better reference. Specify a substring or regular expression and all rows containing such text will be highlighted.Log SettingsYou can configure regular saves of individual logs, specifying the size and number of saved files.You can also enable external logging to a Syslog server.Information about log settings are recorded in the Config log.The default location


of the log files varies by platform:Windows — C:\Program Files\Kerio\MailServer\store\logsMac OS X — /usr/local/kerio/mailserver/store/logsLinux — /opt/kerio/mailserver/store/logsTypes of logsConfig logThe Config log keeps complete history of configuration changes. It tells you which user performed individual administration tasks and when.Debug logThe Debug log monitors various kinds of information and is used for problem-solving.You can select which information it displays.Right-click in the log window and click Messages.Select any option you want to monitor.Click OK.Too much information can be confusing and slows Kerio Connect's performance. Switch off the logging if you solve your problem.Mail logThe Mail log contains information about individual messages processed by Kerio Connect.Security logThe Security log contains information related to Kerio Connect's security. It also contains records about all messages that failed to be delivered.Warning logThe Warning log displays warning messages about errors of little significance. Events causing display of warning messages in this log do not greatly affect Kerio Connect's operation. However, they can , indicate certain (or possible) problems. For example, the Warning log can help if a users complain that certain services are not working.Operations logThe Operations log gathers information about removed and moved items (folders, messages, contacts, events, tasks and notes) in user mailboxes. It is helpful especially if a user c

that the SMTP greeting failed Article Number: 400 | Last Updated: Wed, Aug 17, 2011 11:38 AM Summary Users report that some messages are returned with the explanation that the SMTP greeting failed because no valid DNS name or pointer record was identified. Details When a message is sent through SMTP, the client and server are expected to identify each other. This identification http://kb.kerio.com/product/kerio-connect/server-configuration/managing-logs-in-kerio-connect-1126.html is part of the SMTP greeting. The following example is a simplified version of a mail server (mail.sender.com) successfully transmitting a message to [email protected]: mail.sender.com connects to mail.recipient.com mail.recipient.com accepts the connection and identifies itself "Hello, I'm mail.recipient.com". mail.sender.com identifies itself "Hello, I'm mail.sender.com". mail.recipient.com acknowledges mail.sender.com http://kb.kerio.com/product/kerio-connect/troubleshooting/general-errors/cannot-send-to-some-mail-servers-with-the-explanation-that-the-smtp-greeting-failed-400.html and says, "OK, give me your message". In the above example, mail.recipient.com has allowed mail.sender.com to transmit the message. In order to prevent spam, some mail servers will validate the name provided by the connecting mail server before allowing the message to be transmitted. The following example is similar to above, however mail.sender.com will provide a false name, and therefore mail.recipient.com will refuse to accept the message. mail.sender.com connects to mail.recipient.com mail.recipient.com accepts the connection and identifies itself "Hello, I'm mail.recipient.com". mail.sender.com identifies itself "Hello, I'm mail.anothersender.com". mail.recipient.com determines that mail.anothersender.com is someone else, or does not exist and says, "You are not who you say you are, Goodbye". mail.sender.com will then return the email to the original sender address, quoting the reason why it could not deliver the message. For example: I'm sorry but I could not del

using Outlook PST files, they will sooner or later reach the maximum file size possible and their mail will break (actually, with Outlook it will usually break before that). Sometimes you http://aplawrence.com/Kerio/fixing-large-mailboxes.html can fix it with SCANPST.EXE, sometimes you can't. If you are using Imap or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerio_Connect Kerio Outlook connector, you won't see quite the same problem. Kerio stores mail messages individually on the server, so you are never in danger of reaching file size limits - well, technically you still could because the directory itself could grow too large, but that would take an unimaginable number of messages.Even so, having a lot of messages kerio control is a problem. It slows things down: if you have 40,000 messages in your INBOX, think about what happens at the system level when a new message arrives. That directory with 40K items already in it has to be scanned to find a free spot to stick the new entry. It takes time to scan a big directory; if you have dozens of users all with giant INBOX files, the arrival of kerio control log new email can really slow the system down. That's just the OS: Kerio itself maintains indexes of the messages, and every new message requires adding to that ever growing index. Note that there's nothing wrong with having large mail folders. It's having large mail folders that need to be accessed frequently (INBOX, Junk Mail, Deleted Items) that is the problem.So what's the solution? Well, you could just drag and drop a bunch of messages into a new folder, and if you had been doing that regularly before you got up to tens of thousands of messages, that's fine. But once you get a very large directory, it stays large even when it becomes mostly empty - it still takes extra time to scan through it. So what to do? With Kerio, the solution is pretty simple. Stop the mailserver. That's usually done with the Kerio Engine Monitor, though on Linux you can do it with "/etc/init.d/keriomailserver stop". Now rename the oversized directories for each user to something else. You might rename their INBOX as "Inbox201412", for example. Do the same for large Deleted Items and Junk mail folders. Restart the server; new mail will cause Kerio to automatically create any folders it needs (INBOX, etc.), but they will now be small and quickly sca

release 9.1.1 / August8,2016(2016-08-08) Operating system Windows, OS X, Linux Platform Personal computers, virtual appliances Type Groupware License Commercial proprietary software Website kerio.com/connect Kerio Connect is a commercial mail and groupware server developed by Kerio Technologies. It runs on Windows, Linux and OS X. The product was named Kerio MailServer until version 6.7.[1] Contents 1 Features 2 Third party apps 3 Supported clients 3.1 Groupware 3.2 Mail only 3.3 Kerio Connect Hosting (SaaS) 4 Release history 4.1 Kerio MailServer 4.2 Kerio Connect 5 Sources 6 References 7 External links Features[edit] Its features include encrypted access using SSL, anti-virus and anti-spam protection, native over-the-air handheld synchronization, webmail interface, connector for Microsoft Outlook and groupware features. Administration is by a web browser. Messages are stored on the server as individual files with separate index files. This contrasts with systems such as Microsoft Exchange which use a database to store messages. The Kerio Connect product itself utilizes several open source products, including OpenSSL, SpamAssassin, PHP, and Qt. Third party apps[edit] Responder for Kerio Connect is a third party app for iOS devices made as a value-add for Kerio Connect users. Billing module for Kerio Connect and WHMCS by R1apps is a third party plugin for WHMCS for selling and provisioning email account on a Kerio Connect server or Kerio's Cloud service. Email Phoenix for Kerio Connect is a third party service or application for replicating a Kerio Connect server. Supported clients[edit] Groupware[edit] Native support for full groupware (including calendar) features exists for these clients: Kerio Connect Client (formerly known as Webmail) (Web-based email with Ajax), which works with recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome Microsoft Outlook by using Kerio Outlook Connector (both online and offline) Microsoft Windows 8 Mail, Contacts and Calendar via ActiveSync Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 and Apple Mail on Mac OS X Mobile devices Apple iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm Treo, Symbian and BlackBerry using over-the-air synchronization Windows Calendar on Windows Vista Any calendaring client software that supports CalDAV and CardDAV[2] such as Lightning, Mozilla Sunbird, and newer versions of Apple iCal and Apple Address Book application. Support for older versions of Apple iCal and Address Book prior to Mac OS X 10.5 is provide via the Kerio Sync Connector software. Mail only[edit] All stand


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Kerio Ssl Error p Article Number Last Updated Thu Jul PM Overview To secure Kerio Connect by SSL TLS encryption you need a SSL certificate SSL certificates authenticate an identity on a server Kerio Connect creates kerio ssl certificate godaddy the first self-signed certificate during the installation Upon the first login users must p Kerio Vpn Client unable To Establish Ssl Connection p confirm to go to a page which is not trustworthy To avoid this generate a new certificate request in kerio control certificate expired Kerio Connect and send it to a certification authority for authentication You can have