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High Internet Usage Error

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Why Is My Internet Usage So High All Of A Sudden

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High Upload Usage

on ‎03-23-2015 01:46 PM by RogersJermaine Posts: 1 Very Unusual High Internet Usage Recorded - Customer's Fault? [Edited] Just want to share a long story...it happened just a few days ago but I think I may not the only person who had experienced this ... One day, got the warning of reaching 100% of data usage of my Internet service. Completely shocked because it was only the 6th day into a new monthly cycle. Immediately logged into www.rogers.com to check data usage. WOW, 160+ GB unexplained high broadband data usage on a particular day... yes, in one day! How could that happen...? I asked myself. Turned on all (3) PCs in the house and checked the DU Meter on each.... none registered anywhere close to even 1G on that day, let alone 160G! Very unusal but I had a hypothesis.... Picked up the phone and called Rogers tech support. Got into the waiting queue... and believe it or not, listented to music and waited 10+ mins, then it went to completely silent.... dialed again... finally someone picked up the call...when it was my 3rd attempted call. Communicated of what I found... the 160G usage in one day. Asked if he knew something had gone wrong that day at his (Rogers) end. He said none. Then he got into my modem, and took no time, immediately said that my Wifi password was not good.... and he suspected someone could have hacked into my Wifi and used it to 160G.... My first reaction was... wait... he could see my Wifi key? Ok, he had access to the cable modem and it's also the Wifi router. Ok.... I said, but I would not agree with him on that. He went on and commented that because the Wifi key I chose to use was only numeric... that was known to be very weak and could be easily cracked. Right... I used only numeric. And I would have to agree with him if I was using WEP, and the key was short... But us

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Upload Usage Higher Than Download

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What Causes High Data Usage

Sign up Ars Technica UK Ministry of Innovation — Comcast customer discovers huge mistake in company’s data cap meter Comcast said he used 120GB what uses the most internet usage of data while on a multi-week vacation. Jon Brodkin - Dec 17, 2015 6:16 pm UTC Comcast reader comments 238 Share this story You probably know that Comcast is hitting subscribers with overage charges of $10 when they exceed http://communityforums.rogers.com/t5/forums/forumtopicpage/board-id/Getting_connected/thread-id/6962 their 300GB monthly data caps. But can customers trust Comcast to measure Internet usage accurately? The nation’s largest cable company points to research it commissioned showing that its data metering is usually accurate, but one customer who contacted Ars was able to prove that he was being incorrectly accused of using excessive data. Further ReadingHow Comcast became a powerful—and controversial—part of the Internet backboneFurther Reading“The more bits you use, the more you pay”: Comcast CEO justifies data capsOleg, a programmer http://arstechnica.com/business/2015/12/comcast-admits-data-cap-meter-blunder-charges-wrong-customer-for-overage/ from Tennessee who prefers that we not publish his last name, said he got repeated warnings from Comcast that he was using too much data. But the traffic logs from his router showed that “I was not even close to Comcast’s cap,” he wrote. Oleg described his saga in a Pastebin posting, a YouTube video, and in e-mails to Ars. Oleg received warnings in September and another in October, the latter while he was overseas for a multiple-week vacation with his wife. When they returned home on November 9th, Comcast’s data meter was “showing I used 120 gigs of data, like, while I was gone,” he wrote. Customers can check their usage on Comcast’s website. Calls with Comcast customer service agents didn’t clear up the problem. "I called Comcast... and was patronizingly informed that 'it must be somebody stealing your Wi-Fi,'" he wrote. "Possible, but highly unlikely. I’m a software developer, Linux kernel contributor, and I take my home security very seriously." Comcast allows customers to exceed the cap in three months before they are charged overage fees. But Comcast's incorrect metering caused Oleg's courtesy months to be used up in September, October, and November, he said. The waived charges would have totaled $60 across the three months, and he was on the verge of being charged for real. Oleg got to work trying to prove that Comcast’s metering was inaccurate, and he says he dis

u local On TV Hot Clicks Huskers Timeline Schedule Who's Who Fan Photos Maps Game Photos Garcia Timeline Map Lifestyle Healthy Families Legal Center Education Essentials Dr. Oz Used Cars Local Experts Baldwin's Flooring America Bouari Weight http://www.ketv.com/news/cox-data-usage-error-prompts-gigabyte-investigation/22146048 Loss Clinics NOWCAST Watch KETV NewsWatch 7 Live Newscasts NOWCAST Watch KETV NewsWatch 7 News On Demand Home /Local News Cox data usage error prompts gigabyte investigation UPDATED10:23 PM CDT Sep 26, 2013 Tweet NEXT STORY One man http://www.centurylink.com/aboutus/legal/internetservicemanagement.html killed in Monday morning crash Text Size: ASmall Text AMedium Text ALarge Text Show Transcript Hide Transcript A Cox Communications customer said he received warnings he was using too much Internet data and that he should upgrade his internet usage allotment of gigabytes. After a thorough investigation, KETV NewsWatch 7 learned it was a company error. Related How UNO works to prevent underage... $27 million plan would beautify West... Omaha native, Archbishop Blase J.... Defense: Not one iota of evidence... Neighborhood conference held to... A Council Bluffs man contacted 7 Can Help after Cox Communications told him he had used nearly 600 gigabytes of data in one month. For months, Chris Bond wondered why the numbers didn't add high internet usage up.“I started monitoring my traffic every day and comparing it to Cox's every day,” Bond said.Cox Communications sent him his first notice in April, informing him he used too much data. So, he upgraded and paid a little more a month for 50 more gigabytes.“I didn't even look into it because I figured the extra speed would be good,” Bond said. “I just took it for granted that I was using too much bandwidth or too much data, so I just upgraded right off the bat.”But then Bond received a second notice a few months later, showing he had used nearly 600 gbs of data. "I would have to have like every person in this house watching Netflix at the same time all day long overnight, no one sleeping,” Bond said.Bond went to the extreme, cutting his kids off from YouTube and Netflix. As a web developer, he knew his numbers and Cox’s numbers didn’t match.“Cox, says I’m using 30 gigabytes, I say 16, well if that extra 16 was attributed to a virus, mine would still say 30, not 16,” he said.On Wednesday, Cox Communications sent an email to users across the metro who had previously received warning notices stating, “Recently, you received an email from Cox indicating your data usage exceeded your plan. The data usage total in this message was overstated.”Cox said it only affected

Relations Community Newsroom Careers Governance Legal High Speed Internet Service Management CenturyLink is committed to providing its customers with the best online experience. We follow industry-leading network security standards to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of our customer network and of our customers' confidential information. We view network management as critical to the services we provide to our customers. Managing our network well is one of the most important parts of our business. It ensures that our customers have access to the content and applications that they enjoy. Network Practices Congestion Management Policy CenturyLink engineers monitor and proactively reinforce our network with additional capacity in areas where growth trends identify a need. If acute network congestion occurs, CenturyLink employs various techniques to ensure a positive customer experience and fair distribution of network resources. Currently, based on our experience, CenturyLink customers may encounter congestion, if at all, during the hours of peak usage – between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. local time. During peak hours, the majority of residential customers are attempting to use the Internet simultaneously, giving rise to a greater potential for congestion. When network congestion is identified, CenturyLink engineers employ various techniques to ensure a positive customer experience. Our network management techniques include ensuring that customer systems are not propagating viruses or distributing spam email (i.e. by preventing virus/spam delivery to customer email accounts). We also reinforce our network with additional capacity in areas where congestion is identified or as part of standard network engineering design plans. In some cases, we may limit the number of customers that may be served on a particular network node until additional

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